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If you would like to have Ric Rush provide the entertainment for your next event…book your event now! Due to Ric Rush’s high profile, he is in high demand and dates book up quickly. Get your event on Ric’s calendar before it’s too late:  Book Your Event Online

Once you’ve paid your deposit and received emailed confirmation that your date has been booked, you can start the process of planning the details of your event with Ric’s easy-to-use online forms. While Ric or a member of his staff will be available to answer any questions, you will find that these online forms will answer a lot of questions about the planning of your event.   447057897_7fc0daa5bc_z

Use this Online Planning Form to plan all of the details of your event. Please use this Interactive Timeline to coordinate the “Order of Activities” at your event .  These online forms allow you to update and save your changes anytime of day and as often as necessary, right up until 24 hours prior to your event. Once you submit your changes, they will instantly be updated in Ric’s calendar so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Here is the link to our Online Music Database